Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jewelry Lab - Week Three
Lab Three - Homemade Texture Hammers

Hello all.  I hope you're enjoying the beginning of your week.  We're two days into school for the week, and have already had one day off.  Monday was a snow day.  In school today.  Expecting a big ole snow storm again tonight & tomorrow.  School for tomorrow was called off at 5:55 this evening.  Lovely.  Ah well.  I guess it means I'll get some work done around the house or at the bead table rather than being at the day job...heh.

Anyway, today I'm posting about week three of my journeys with the amazing book Jewelry Lab by Melissa Manley.  First, though, let me show you one of the pieces that I designed using my work from last week's lab.  Last week, if you'll remember, we used found objects to create texture on metal.  The first few pieces cried out to be a pair of earrings.

Yep, I ended up enameling the copper.  I just felt like it.  No other real reason.  So in essence I covered up the texture of the found objects.  For the most part, anyway.  If you'll look at the higher earring, you can see some of the texture coming up out of the green enamel.  I must've been channeling spring with these earrings, given the green and orange!  I think I'll actually call these earrings "Spring Awakening"!  Heh.  I did finish a necklace with another of the copper pieces I'd texturized just a short while ago - pictures tomorrow since it's now dark out ;)

So that leads us up to this week's project.  Oh.  Now.  THIS was fun!  What could be better than hammering  onto the face of an old hammer?  That's right, this week we made our own texturizing hammers.  I had two old hammers that I used for this, and here's how each came out following a bit of experimentation:

They both came out pretty neat, I think.  I like the last one best.  What did I use to mark the faces of the hammers, you ask?  Well, here you go:

The first hammer was marred with the center punch, the screwdriver, the nail and the screw.  Pretty cool, seeing what each tool would do.  The last hammer was attacked with the file.  It did make some pretty awesome marks on that hammer!

And what did each hammer do to some metal?  Well, here's more pictures!

These two tags were marked up using the first hammer.  The tags had been annealed first, bringing up some really cool colors in the copper.  Interestingly enough, the hammers didn't really mar the unique flame-painting that went on!  I'm trying to decide if I want to leave it like it is at this point, or if using some live of sulfer would accent the textures.  It'd kill the cool flame-colors, that much I know....dilemma.  What do you think?

And here are the tags I used the second hammer on.  More of my beloved copper ;)

Can you see those lovely marks?  Aren't they amazing?

Again, these tags were annealed, and a lovely flame patina developed.  As with the others, I'm not really sure about the follow-up treatment these pieces will receive, if any.  I'm still thinking of what to turn these cool pieces into - I think they're calling out to be a linked bracelet with some type of nugget or stone.  We'll see.  I'm going to hopefully be able to work on that tomorrow, so huh, maybe I'll have *two* projects to share!  Wouldn't that be amazing?  Heh.

Oh, and while taking the photos for this post, I had a little bit of help...thanks CowCat.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a sneak peek of this little monster ;)  My handle, btw, on IG is hjwestfall - find me & follow!  I'll follow you back...

Anyway, please come back tomorrow for the projects I've promised I'll share.  And next week (this week?) I'll be working on Lab 4, which is a simple forged cuff using 4 or 8 gauge wire.  Must find 4 or 8 gauge wire...hummm...

And if you're playing along, I'm trying an inlinkz tool here - let's see if it works!  If not, let me know & leave a link in the comments below & I'll put the info up here for ya...  :)


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