Saturday, March 15, 2014

Eye Candy Saturday

Just to prove that I'm still's some new pieces from this past week or two!  :)

My ever-popular copper hoops on handmade sterling silver earwires

Simple black lavastone with my own handmade copper dangles, and hung on handmade sterling silver earwires

Lovely purple magnesite is paired with etched brass and hung on handmade brass earwires

This piece was created a week or so ago for Week Two of Heather Powers' Jewelry Mojo Challenge.  Week Two was all about playing with an assembled group of miscellaneous beads, known as bead soup.  I'm really just getting around to sharing it now because, well, busy :)   This is a convertible piece and can be worn either as a necklace or wrap bracelet.  In it, I've used carnelian, faceted orange "jasper", "turquoise" magnesite, bronzite, a lovely polymer clay egg from Barbara Bechtel of Second Surf, commercial ceramic and patina'ed copper chain.  The clasp is a handmade copper clasp, and there's a ton of wire-wrapping going on.  I do need to catch up and do weeks three and four....

I've also been playing a bit with patina in various methods...

These were covered in two different types of blue patinas (don't ask which, cuz I don't remember at this point!  Must start to take notes ;) and then coated in resin.  These did prove to be a bit of a mess, so while the patina is lovely, I won't be using them in anything.  

Right now, I'm working on my Jewelry Lab projects (slowly - oh. so. slowly.).  I'll show those when I can.  Right now, I'm also fixing up a few pieces that I'd made in the past but need a little help now.  One of 'em is an anklet that got stretched when a dog jumped on my friend.  Yes, he ended up on her ankle, stretching the hell out of the sterling!  So sad ;)  

What are you working on this lovely Saturday? 

Oh, and stay tuned - some big news coming up!  I'll give ya a sneak at what I'm doing later this week ;)  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful eye candy indeed! I love them all. Your patinas are lovely. Maybe you can find a way to use the aqua pieces after all. They are lovely!

Gigi @ Old World Patina

Anonymous said...

I followed the link from the Mojo Challenge page. You sure have been busy. I love everything but especially the bracelet you made for week 2. Beautiful colors.


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