Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jewelry Lab - Lab Six
Etching with Paint Markers

Better late than never, right?  Yep, here I am, finally, with Lab Six of my experimenting following the tutorials presented in the book Jewelry Lab by Melissa Manley.  Lab six was all about etching with paint markers.  Etching isn't new to me - I've etched copper and brass so many times, and still I was excited to try this.  What was new to me was the resist I'd be using.  I typically use solvent ink (as in Staz-On ink pads & reinkers) to create a pattern resist using my trusty stamps.  In this case, though, it was recommended that we use paint markers to create a resist.    

Paint markers, huh?  Of course, it wasn't that far out of the realm to assume that I'd have paint markers.  Tons of 'em.  However, my concern was if I'd have the correct type of paint marker!  Oil, acrylic, something else....didn't really say in the book.  So I grabbed what I had, which turned out to be Sharpie Oil Paint Markers.  And there ya go.  Went in search of an appropriate piece of metal to play with and pulled out, as you might be expecting, some copper.  Figured out a simple pattern that I could draw on without much fuss, and went to town.  

The splotched marks you see here are the paint marks still drying....

I've etched copper using ferric chloride before, so that wasn't that new to me.  Luckily I still had a bottle hanging around.  Uhm.  Not sure how old it is, though, since I left the copper in the ferric chloride for an hour to not much effect.  Left it in, and checked the metal intermittently for the first two hours, but didn't really see much happening.  Decided to not worry about it, and checked again after about five hours and the pattern was etched in so nicely!  So yeah, I think that my solution was a tad on the old side.  Eh, in the end, though, it was worth it ;)  Here's how it came out, following a nice attack with a sanding block, all nice and cleaned.  Not bad, eh?

Now, though, what to make....turns out a pair of earrings called to me from this piece.  I cut it in half, then made teardrop shapes.  Hammered the edges a bit, and here's where the pieces stood.

I then annealed the drops, which resulted in this amazing flame-color that I knew I didn't want to cover up with Liver of Sulfer!  But I wanted to do something to give the metal a bit more strength since they'd been annealed kinda soft.  So pulled out my trusty enamels and hit the tear drops with a little bit of torch-fired beauty.  Perfect!!  I finished the copper with a bit of lovely Renaissance Wax, and paired the drops with some gorgeous faceted mookaite rondelles,  Last touch was a pair of handmade sterling silver earwires.

All in all, I think I now will be using paint markers as my resist of choice when it comes to etching!  I love the deep and beautiful etch it leaves.  And I will be replacing my bottle of ferric chloride, I do believe ;)

Anyway, that's all for now folks!  Come back next week (or hopefully later this week...heh) for lab seven - Etching with PNP!!  (note to self - find PNP...)  Oh, and are you playing along?  Let me know, please!


Melissa Manley said...

This is GREAT!!!!! SO glad to see you having fun with these labs! I really love how they've turned out! The long earrings with the letter stamps rock!
Keep it up!

Gigi Harlan said...

Your earrings turned out so cute! I haven't played with etching yet but you make it look so inviting!

Gigi @ Old World Patina


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