Wednesday, May 14, 2014


...with the first show of the season that is!  Am I the only one who finds the first show to be fraught with uncertainty and panic?  Ah well, maybe it's just me ;)

Anyway, my first show was on Saturday, May 10th on the Windsor Town Green.  After a day of rain the day before, and predicted rain that same day, I was very concerned about how the show would go.  Luckily, after a drizzley morning set up, the rain and clouds cleared out and the weather warmed up nicely.
This lovely tree was right behind me on the green - isn't it gorgeous in all of it's pink-floweredness?  The tree was a wonderful spot for children and the non-shoppers to congregate and play.  
 All in all, while this was not my most successful show, it was a good show.  I do think if the weather hadn't cleared up for us, it's likely the show wouldn't have been as much of a draw as it was. It was the perfect thing to do on the day before Mother's Day, if you didn't really have any plans!  And the town green is a perfect spot, so this was a lovely setting for a fair.
I did try a new setup this time around, and will likely do it this way again.  I usually set up my tables in a "U" shape, with the front open.  It's good, but I've always though it gets a bit crowded in the tent.  And a big crowd is sometimes intimidating and unwelcome.  Atleast in my opinion ;)  

 This time around, in large part due to the rain and drizzle that didn't look like it was going to clear up when we were setting up, I set both of my 6 foot tables in the center of my tent.  It looked like one big table.  And it worked.  Very well.  People had room to walk around, and seemed more spacious to me.  Probably in part to the booth area to one side was empty.   Also, since the displays were mostly placed towards the front 2/3rds of the tent, I had a nice space to bring people to chat, or complete sales, or even adjust a few pieces. 

When setting up my displays, I like tiers, to draw the eye up.  So the center of my tables were my two "wine crates" that were painted in my display colors of brown and black.  They were placed open side down, so the bottom of the crates could be used to put things on top of.  On top of those, I put my earring displays, layering those with other display boxes I collect.  I use a variety of old silverware boxes, smaller crates, and a few "memory boxes" (for lack of a better term).
The rest of my displays are my busts and a few other interesting containers & drawers that I use for my necklaces and bracelets.  All of my busts have been altered from commercial busts & mini-mannequins.  I also have a gorgeous dress form, but the rain made me leave her at home.  I missed her - she usually gets so many comments, but I did not (so not) want to have her ruined in the rain.

I have to tell you about my pussy willows.  My daughter collected those for me the day before.  She picked those specifically at my booth during the show.  So I grabbed one of my lovely brownware pitchers, and voila, perfect accent!
As you might or might not know, I'm in the process of rebranding.  I've decided to step away from my old identity of SilverRose Designs, and have decided to simply go with Holly Westfall: jewelry.  So of course, I needed a new sign.  I am a procrastinator-extraordinaire, so didn't leave myself time to order a banner or anything. Plus something like that wouldn't necessarily work with my style.  So I decided at the eleventh hour to create a sign of my own.  And you can see it up there.  It's a simple piece of wood probably about 13 x 10 inches.  I painted it black and while it was drying, I pulled out Photoshop and went to town.  It's primitive and rustic and perfect.  I printed out the logo on kraft paper, grabbed my matte medium and applied it to the board.  I then antiqued the whole thing with some walnut ink and let it be.  And it works, and I love it.  So maybe I won't worry about a banner or anything.  We'll see. 

Anyway, I hope you're still with me after my long discourse!   If you're visiting as a result of finding me at the Windsor Lions Club Spring Arts & Crafts Fair, welcome and I hope you enjoyed yourself at the fair! 

My next show will be in New Milford the weekend of June 14th & 15th - please come visit me!

These beauties are still available and can be found in my ETSY shop!

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My Life Under the Bus said...

Looks beautiful Holly - but I have always loved your set up! Love the pops of color from your jewelry : ) . I like the new name too!


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