Thursday, May 15, 2014


Oh wow!  How can it already be that time of year?  But it is!  So happy!  Yep, it's's time for the Brimfield Fair!  You know, Brimfield.  A junk mecca, an antiques playground.  So. Much. Fun.

And the Husband and I are heading up tomorrow, with my amazing Brother-in-Law and his oh-so-fun Lady.  Can't wait, we're sure to see some amazing stuff.  Not to mention, coming home with some too! Wanna see what we'll be seeing?  Here's a sneak peek from years past :)

 Linens, and buttons, and fabrics, oh my!  
So many soft-goods to be found.  It's amazing.
There is one vendor who always has the most amazing garden accessories & art.  
It's all gorgeous and the set up is a feast for the eyes.  
One day I'll buy my husband a gargoyle.  
(he's obsessed.  i understand obsession)
 I've always loved old rocking horses and carousel horses... day I'll have an antique rocking horse.  
One day.  (obsession)

Oh, goodness...all those lovely printers drawers. 
And those statues!  Aren't they hysterical?  
 The furniture is always amazing - so many different styles and looks.  
And the signs make me chuckle too ;)
 This past September we stumbled upon this amazing vendor 
we'd not seen in years past.  Industrial salvage galore, 
displayed in so many super fresh ways. 
And beads.  Yummy, luscious, beads....Husband just shakes his head and walks away, knowing I'll still be there looking and picking while he finishes up a field.  Yes.  A field.  Not just a row.  ;)  (obsession, remember?)

Have you been to Brimfield?  Are you going this year?  I can't wait!

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