Monday, June 2, 2014

Meandering Monday

because the weekend always breaks my mind a bit, today here's what's rattling through my head:

  • Horse Camp - Erin & I are going to a Mother-Daughter Horse Camp this weekend with my sister and niece.  I still have one or two small things that I need to get.  Not much, and it wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have them.  But of course, being me, I'm obsessing.   But time might get the better of me.  It's a *very* busy week here this week!  But still, I'm obsessing. 
This is Erin riding Blaze - her lesson horse at our barn.

  • Nate spent the day yesterday with Auntie Lizzie at the lake while Erin & I went shopping for horse camp stuff.  (Daddy was at work)  When asked if he missed me, he replied "Yes, I did.  But then we had ice cream and I was fine."  Good to know where I rate ;)
  • Oh, yeah, I suppose I should pack. You know.  For Horse Camp.
  • I also have some plants to well. plant.  I've got some lettuce that still needs to go somewhere.  And some impatiens.  But my peonies are just ready to bloom!  And I have an amazingly gorgeous columbine that's in full flower right now!  Columbine are about one of my favorite flowers.  Along with roses.  And peonies.  And and and.  Well.  Yeah.
  • Work.  Also have to work all week.  And TBall.  And softball.  And jewelry.  And kids.  And dog.  And work.  And husband.  And house.  and and and.  And pack.  Must pack.
  • Nate has a tball game tonight.  He's tired of tball, he tells me.  It's boring because they don't do anything and he just wants to run.  He likes practices because he can run.  But doesn't like the games because he doesn't just get to run.  Kid's got an awesome swing though.  And the coaches back up when he's throwing the ball to them.  It's amazing how genetics win out in the end...and skip a generation.  heh.  yeah.  me, athletic?  uhm.  no.  skipped me.  (and husband, but shhhhh...)
  • Erin is upset because Nate finishes school before she does.  She goes to public school while Nate goes to a parochial school for Kindergarten.  (She did the same - we do private for preK &K, public for 1st & on) She keeps going on and on about stupid snow.  I'm right there with ya kid!
  • Dude.  Pack.  Ack.  
  • Erin finishes school on June 19.  Nate finishes on June 12.  We leave for our Block Island vacation on June 29.  Ackkk!  And that's less than a month away at this point!  So much to do.  Brain broken.
  • I've just added another show to my schedule for June.  I'll be at the WildFire Farm Equine Rescue Fun Day on June 21st.  It's in East Granby, CT, if you're interested!
  • Why did I add another show that close to Block Island?  Oh.  Yes.  I remember.  Support local animal rescues.  Important to me!
  • I've been working slowly on making things. 

  • I've still got a lot of stuff to do before we leave on Friday!  What am I doing here?  I should be doing things to get ready!  ack!  I still have to pack! 
  • Erin had Career Day in school on Friday.  She's decided that she's going to become a zoologist/animal scientist.  Like Temple Grandin, Dian Fossey, Lucy Cooke & Jane Goodall.  She wants to travel the world, researching animals in their natural habitats.  She then wants to write books and educate people on how animals can benefit their own lives.  Yep, that's my girl.  Makes a momma proud!
  • Oh, yes!  It's official!  I received word from the DRS that my name change request has been accepted!  Holly Westfall: jewelry is now officially a thing!  Hurrah!  
Heh.  I told you I was meadering today!  What's on your mind?  Please enlighten me!  (and maybe convince me that I'm not the only one who ends up in a brain-coma on Mondays ;))

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