Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Studio Sounds

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you're having a marvelous weekend.  We are!  Today is low key for us.  Kids are hanging out, husband is at work, and I'm playing with my baubles-work and doing stuff in the house (you know, cleaning.).  Since we are low key today, and the music is a constant feature of the day (we often have dance breaks - who doesn't love a dance break with a six & eight year old?),  I've decided that on Sundays I'll try to share some of what I listen to while I'm in the studio/office.  My musical tastes are quite eclectic, so just be warned ;)  And enjoy...

I'll start with one of my new favorites...

To me, it's a song of hope being reborn, of love refound, and of rising through the darkness.  And all of that, with the help of those surrounding us with their love, life and experiences.  I love Vienna Teng's work.

"yes, you are only one.
no, it is not enough
but if you lift your eyes, I am your brother.
and this is all we need.
and this is where we start.
this is the day we greet.
this is the day, no other."

Enjoy your week, and be kind.

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