Monday, September 8, 2014

One show down!

And so begins my fall craft fair season!  One show down, two more to go this early fall.  I'm still working on my late fall & winter/holiday show schedule, and hopefully will have more to share with you for that soon.  I'll keep you posted. 

Anyway, my first fall show was this Saturday in Southbury, CT.  The crowds were decent and the vendors, as always at this show, amazing.  There was one vendor in particular I'd like to find again; unfortunately, I wasn't able to get her card or information.  She featured wonderful equine-related shirts, pillows and very beautiful work at that!  I *will* figure out who she was :)

While there were a decent amount of people attending the show, I'm not really sure how many buyers there really were.  While I did okay, it really wasn't a wonderful show profit-wise for me.  I know that the two vendors on either side of me had a decent amount of customers - one made incredible dried flower wreaths, while the other made sweet doll clothes.  Perhaps part of it was the amount of handmade jewelry that was there.  While I know there was a limit on the jewelry vendors, there were still alot of jewelry folk there.  And a few of these vendors were real quality.  Some, perhaps not as much, but still even the simply strung pieces were beautiful. 

Another contributing factor might have been the heat.  It was extremely hot, and very humid too!  It really felt more like late July than early September!  I kept having to peel my dress off of my back - it was really gross!  Thank goodness for water.  And shade.  And then the talk of thunderstorms.  They called the show early by an hour & half due to impending thunderstorms that were about 13 miles away!  At one point, while chatting via FB with another jewelry friend in Connecticut (hi Patricia!), she messaged that she'd just driven through a tornado!  While I know she was exaggerating, (it's Patricia, after all, and if you know her, you know what I'm talking about!) I'm sure she wasn't that far off!  ;)  Honestly, once they cleared everyone for packing up, it was pandemonium!  And I don't think I've ever packed up and gotten out of a show quite so quickly! 

Anyway, I'm rested up at this point.  I spent today lounging around.  Not really.  Cleaning, is more like it.  And running herd leader on the kids.  Husband was left to himself to do what he did, which was try to fix Tractor.  Yes, really, our lawn tractor is named Tractor.  It's the Boy's fault.  Nate *loves* Tractor and can be found sitting on it and hanging out there quite regularly.  We also had time to play "Chase the Mice".  Well, the kids & Mr did.  Me, I don't play well with mice.  The mice were in Parts Tractor (yes, we also have a Parts Tractor), and as Mr was dismanteling Parts Tractor in the garage, he came upon three little mice who scattered quickly.  (no, they weren't blind...sorry.  ack.)  He then called out the kids who spent most of the rest of the day trying to catch the mice.  They were sorta successful too.  Nate at one point caught one.  In his bare hands.  I about died.  And apparently I'm rambling.

So, there we are at this point.  And here we'll stay.  I'll be preparing for my next show, which is next weekend in Newtown at the Newtown Arts Festival.  Come for a visit if you can also meet Patricia ;)  And die laughing with me ;)

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