Sunday, October 5, 2014

33rd Annual Old Wethersfield Craft Fair

Thank you to everyone who visited with me yesterday at the 33rd Annual Old Wethersfield Craft Fair!  Despite the rain (or maybe as the result of?), I had a really fun time at this quality show!  It was definitely a buying crowd, and I sold a number of my favorite pieces!  There were also many great quality crafters at this show, and I in particular had a great neighbor who, with his wife, created gorgeous stained glass small-work (my terms for his lovely little ornaments & frames and such) and beautiful glass earrings...if only I'd gotten his card ;)  Ah well.

I can say that my fall season for now has officially ended, but I'm working on my winter/holiday show schedule.  Once I've finalized that, I'll let you know ;)

And I'll leave you with a sampling of pieces that have sold!  I hope, if you purchased them, you enjoy them and they wear well for you.

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