Wednesday, May 13, 2015

::peeking out from under the rug::

is anyone still out there?  no?  oh.  okay.  i'll go back to hiding under the rug then...  ;)

Ah well.  Seriously folks, I took a bit of a hiatus from the blog again. Honestly, from the whole jewelry thing, I suppose.  I guess it was needed.  For a while, the creativity was blown right out of me for some reason.  Not sure why.  Just happened.  But then, I started to miss it.  And so in trying to find my muse and get the creativity flowing, I've finally taken pictures of some of my older (and by that I mean less than a year old...) pieces and have listed them to my website shop.

Yes.  Website.  Shop.  With the many issues on Etsy lately, the least of which is going public, I've decided to try to get my own website shop up and running.  Here are some of the most recent listings:

Brass and Swarovski Crystals bracelet
Rough Garnet and Copper bracelet

Sari Silk, Aventurine and Brass braccelet
I'll leave you with this little bit of eye candy for now.  Bracelets only.  I've listed a few necklaces too, but will showcase those at a different time.  And then add the earrings!  Hopefully not only will my muse find me again, but I hope to be blogging a bit more consistantly too! 

And here's the link to my website too :)

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