Thursday, June 11, 2015

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So yes, late post is late.  But better than not, right?  

Sometimes the tableaus found at the Brimfield Fair are so lovely!

Husband and I typically like to try to get to the Brimfield Fair for the May show.  Weather is usually gorgeous, and it really is the biggest show.  Not, mind, that we also don't go to the others, but for the May show we usually take the day off from work to head up, together.  Alone.  Sans kids.  The July & September shows we'll take the kids and head up for the weekend.  Make it more of a family day, rather than a couples thing.  We ended up taking that Friday off from work, and our plan was to head up on that Friday.  

Luckily, we were able to head up after getting the kids to school, and with the knowledge we wouldn't have to be home to pick them up from school, thanks to my wonderful, amazing, spectacular Mother in Law!  (how many wives can say that?  I *know* how lucky I am, believe me :))

My usual view.  Yes, that's Husband
Thank heavens for that bright orange/yellow backpack!

Husband and I have a routine at Brimfield.  He goes ahead, and scopes out what he wants to see.  I browse more, searching out smaller things, and going deeper into booths.  And so usually lag behind him.  Thank heavens for cell phones and texting!  If either of us see something the other Must See, a quick text sends us where we need to be :)  Or if one of us gets hungry, or ends up fields ahead (ahem.), easy remedy!

What do I look at, you ask?  Well, I look for beady things, of course.  And horse things.  Milk bottles.  I also love looking at vintage fabrics & linens.  Laces and other types of notions.  I also like the big things too, cabinets and various furniture items.  Quilts and pillow cases.  Anything that might have had a agricultural history.  Garden art (or things that can be garden art!).  Yard accessories.  So yeah, everything.  Saddles.  Carts and wagons and canoes.  You might get the idea...

My newest artisan purchase!
While I have my old tried and favorited booths, lately here are also a few new booths that catch my attention hard.  One was a very cool clay artisan visiting the northeast from Texas, Andrea Lithgow of Dandy.  That beautiful piece right up there?  Her work.  She creates these beautiful pieces in her own studio, and works them into gorgeous accessories.  I saw this gorgeous piece and knew it was mine.  The colors, it was all about the colors!  And while I have it on as a bracelet, it's really quite convertible and can be a choker, necklace or something else.

I also found a really cool vendor who's clothes feature a lovely Western bohemian vibe:  Spellbound Collections. Talk about fall in love.  Yep, big time.  In fact, I think I probably spent the most time in this booth, just taking everything in and loving it!  And yeah.  forgot to take pictures.  ::sigh::  ;)  So just go to the link already ;)

This gorgeous buckle was bought at Brimfield a few years ago
The necklace is now available in my shop!
And beads, I suppose I must talk about all the beady baubles and goodies, right?  Such hardship ;)  Of course, there are a number of booths at Brimfield that have beads and good stuff!  I always look for those particular vendors and booths because I know they won't disappoint!  And nope, they didn't :) It was with restraint and a small pocketbook that I limited myself to a few gorgeous bead strands that I had to have!

Hummm, so looking at that beady goodness, I realize that I was feeling certain colors that day!  Interesting...

What did Husband pick up, you ask?  Well, small things.  He was looking for a new clock key for a clock he inherited - didn't find that, unfortunately!  Erm, well, no.  He did find a clock key he thought would fit.  But no.  Didn't.  So the search remains on for that!  We ended the day, exhausted and foot sore, with a nice dinner at a local restuarant, and headed home to pick up our kids. 

As an interesting side note, we did see a camera crew filming for *something*!  Maybe one day we'll be watching Flea Market Flip or one of the other shows like it, and see ourselves walking through the screen!  

Anyway, that was our time at Brimfield!  And I can't wait for July to come, so that we can go again! 
Have you ever been to the Brimfield Fair?   

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