Friday, June 12, 2015

Eye Candy

Why is editing photos such hard work? 

Handmade brass hoops with coral and pressed Czech millifiori glass
hung on handmade brass earwires

 I swear I'm discarding about 3/4 of my pictures! 

Vintaj Arte Metal discs taht have been hammered & brushed,
paired with lovely light purpley blue Czech glass flowers
hung on handmade sterling silver earwires

 Ah well.
Gotta be done, right? 

Baby pink Czech glass, copper bead caps and copper sticks,
hung on commercial copper earwires

It does lead to a good eye candy post!

Czech glass flowers paired with light peach (almost white!) aventurine and brass
hung on commercial brass earwires

And if you're interested, 
these will be going into my shop sometime this weekend :)

Annealed Steel hoops on handforged sterling silver earwires

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