Monday, February 15, 2016

something new? maybe?

No, I'm not going to stop working on my jewelry.  I enjoy working with the wire and hammers and beady goodness way too much!

But I have been thinking of new things to branch out with lately.  I've mentioned (I think I did?) that my workspace has been moved, and it's now in a bit of a farther away space.  Meaning I can't hang out with husband or kids when I'm working on the jewelry projects.  And my projects tend to end up with me wrapped up in my head and my work, meaning I tend to hibernate and forget everything else.  A Maker's Haze, of sorts, perhaps?  Regardless, they are productive.

But perhaps not so condusive to family time.  Which is why I'm thinking of something that is a little bit more portable.  Yet still with beads.  Because I have so. many. beads.  So I've been perusing the interwebs for handmade beaded browbands.  And I like what I see, and think it  might be a possibility.  Leather, gemstone beads, needles, hemostats, blingy crystals, yep....

Pretty browband by Dark Jewel Designs

No, not for the hunter world I find myself inhabiting.  Nor necessarily, at this point anyway, for the Western side I love.  Dressage, though, and cross country, are apparently the bastion of all things bling. So there ya go, time for a little bit more research...and perhaps a slight investment in some quality leather products and appropriate tools.  Because what girl doesn't like tools and leather!

No.  Not 50 Shades style...sorry, not sorry.

I'll keep you posted!  I can't wait to experiment :)

And in the meantime, please help my girl win a Beval Saddle...go and like her pic and story at the Beval FB page!  :)

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