Saturday, June 11, 2016

A few things of note...

Happy Saturday all!

So I've got a few updates for everyone, and a few questions.  Hope ya'll can help!

One of the things you'll probably, well, possibly, notice is that my domain name ( now points directly to my blog.  For a host of reasons, I closed down my website which was hosted by Indiemade.  Not, I have to say, because I was dissapointed with Indiemade.  I wasn't, at all.  But I wasn't utilizing the website effectively nor efficiently, and my marketing of the website left alot to be desired.  As such, I decided that the monthly fee I was paying could be utilized better elsewhere.  So I dropped the website and my webshop.  And pointed the domain name to my blog.  As such, I hope no one is looking for the webshop, and isn't disappointed when they are directed here instead.

Brass, Aventurine and Czech Glass Flower earrings
available for sale - inquire if interested

So, then, what this really means is that I now need to find a new venue to sell my jewelry.  Granted, I've also not been creating as much as I have in the past, so my work is somewhat limited.  And I've more or less been creating on an "On Demand" other words, when I need something, or someone requests something!

For example, the two pendants above were made as Thank You gifts to the kids' teachers at the end of this school year, which was this past week.  I've also recently made another pendant that was intended as a donation piece for a charity my daughter & I created an auction basket for.  I decided not to use it for that, but as something else, so I won't share the completed piece...yet :)  So these are the type of things that I've been working on lately.  Not the numbers of work that I've created in the past, but special, dedicated pieces.  And as such, my available work is somewhat in short supply.  So I don't need a huge, full blown webshop as I've used in the past.

Name tag made for my daughter's lead rope
I can make these on a custom-order basis, please inquire
So now, I need to figure out a new venue to use.  Which is where my dear readers come in.  Does anyone have any recommendations for selling sites?  There are a few conditions, terms, or thoughts I've got:
  • I've used Etsy, and have been disenchanted with their current model.  So I'd prefer to stay away from them.  I do still have a shop on Etsy, but it's currently unstocked.  I can, I suppose, use it temporarily until I find something more suitable.
  • I can use Facebook, I suppose, but know nothing about selling from FB. 
  • I can probably use my blog as a way to sell - has anyone set up an effective, useful shop on a blog platform?
  • Square?  I know that Square offers a sellers platform.  
  • Is anyone on Artfire anymore?  Is Artfire a legit, or well, known platform?
So if anyone has any thoughts, or ideas, I'd love to start a discussion...

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